Rustling Penguin Cat Toy


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But what squeaks so funny? It can only be your cat’s new playmate! This rustling penguin will be a great source of amusement for your little friend. It is suitable for crazy games as well as for quiet cuddly moments.

This plush penguin with a wintery design is a toy of choice during the Christmas season. He wears a cute pointed hat with pom pom and has a plush ball connected to a rubber band. It therefore promises varied games for your cat. This toy is also lined with rustling paper, which squeals when your cat is having fun, to make it even more fascinating.

Features of the rustling penguin cat toy:
winter plush for cat in the shape of a penguin
lined with rustling paper: squeals and encourages your cat to play
ideal for cuddling: cozy material for cuddly moments
cute design: penguin with long bobble hat
plush ball with rubber cord: for interactive games with your cat
pretty embroidered face
colors: grey, white and blue
materials: polyester and rustling paper
total dimensions: L 36 x W 10 x H 3 cm
penguin: L 25 x W 10 x H 3 cm approximately
ball: diameter about 4 cm


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