Marina dog toy


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Its long throwing rope is made of strong material for you to throw it far. Thanks to its grippy surface, the ball is very easy to grip. Its material does not damage the teeth; on the contrary, it cleans them thanks to the nubs and grooves. With its bright colors, the Marina toy is easily spotted in tall grass.

Marina Dog Toy Features:
sturdy rubber ball with rope for medium and large breed dogs
ideal for toss and fetch games: to let off steam in the open air
long rope tied in a loop: resistant material, allows you to cast far
grippy surface: easy to grip, both by you and by the dog
does not damage the teeth: rubber ball with nubs and grooves, cleans the teeth during play and promotes oral hygiene of the dog
bright colors: this toy is easily spotted in bushes or tall grass
certified EN 71 1-3: meets the safety criteria applicable to toys
food (ball)
colors: red ball, blue and white rope
materials :
ball: rubber
rope: polyester
total dimensions: L 35 x W 9 x H 7.5 cm approximately
ball: about 7.5 cm in diameter
weight: approx. 255 g


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