KONG Wubba Weaves dog toy


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This is a quality toy that should be in every dog ​​bed! This KONG Wubba Weaves toy is great for toss/fetch play.
With its long nylon bands, it is easy to grab and your companion won’t be able to resist its squeak.
Thanks to its very resistant seams, your dog will keep his KONG Wubba Weaves toy longer. The cotton cords are twisted and knotted tightly together to form a thick ball. The set is thus very resistant and also cleans the dog’s teeth when he bites it.

KONG Wubba Weaves toys are available in 3 colors: green, pink and blue. Please note: you will not be able to choose the color of the toy you will receive.

KONG Wubba Weaves Dog Toy Features:

sturdy toy ideal for toss and fetch games
sizes available:
size L: L 33 x W 9 x H 9 cm approximately
size XL: L 44 x W 10 x H 10 cm approximately
nylon bands to catch it easily: ideal for wildly shooting it!
strong materials: thanks to the firmly sewn nylon and the ball formed by a cotton rope, the KONG Wubba Weaves toy is the ideal accessory for hours of play and fun!
cleans your dog’s teeth: when your dog bites the toy, the cotton removes the deposit without damaging the teeth
with squeaker to entice your dog to play
colors: green, pink and blue. You will not be able to color the toy you receive.
material: Material:
Size L: Nylon, cotton, plastic squeaker
Size XL: Polyester, plastic squeaker


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