KONG Shells Turtle dog toy


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The KONG Shells Turtle toy is a cute little playmate that will entertain your dog while helping him clean his teeth. This turtle-shaped toy has several textures for a variety of games: your dog can grab its plush limbs and shake it like crazy or bite on its rubber nubs to activate its integrated squeaker.

These small spikes promote the cleaning of teeth and gums by eliminating dental plaque. Its solid material will withstand the wildest games with your dog. The KONG Shells Turtle toy is sturdy, cute and practical.

KONG Shells Turtle Dog Toy Features:
cute dog toy
a cute chewable toy: in the shape of an adorable turtle
solid material: withstands the wildest games
built-in squealer: encourages the dog to play
different textures: for various games
rubber nubs: help clean teeth and gums
color: green
materials: 50% polyester, 25% nylon, 25% TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
size S: L 11.5 x W 10 x H 4.5 cm
size L: L 28 x W 21 x H 8 cm


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