Cage suite royal XL


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2 floors can divide the cage into 2 well separated parts if necessary
2 deep and removable trays with protective edges to easily arrange a litter box
4 platforms with high rounded edges can be placed wherever you want
4 casters for easy movement
5 ladders allowing your pet to walk freely

In addition, this spacious and quality cage also offers other advantages:

2 platforms that can be removed very easily to facilitate cleaning
4 large doors allow the complete opening of the cage facilitating maintenance and cleaning of the cage
Vertical and horizontal wires with an anthracite hammered finish allowing your rodent to easily climb the bars
Accessories delivered with the cage:

4 removable plastic platforms: L 34 x W 32 x H 3.5 cm
4 platform supports to hang in the cage
5 scales
– 2 x L 64 cm
– 2 x L 47.5 cm
– 1 x L 30 cm (also used to separate the 2 levels)
Removable plastic tray: L 113 x W 65 x H 3.5 cm
Removable plastic tray with recess: L113 x W 65 x H 3.5 cm
Note: the accessories are not delivered with this cage.




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