Caesar 3 double cage


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After the success of the simple Caesar Knock Down cage, here is the cage in a double version: twice as much space for twice as much happiness!

With a height of 97 cm, this cage is made up of 2 floors allowing you to offer your rabbit, guinea pig or ferret a very nice living space.

A wooden staircase with small steps allows communication between the 2 floors.

The cage comes with the following accessories:

1 bottle of 500ml
1 rack with direct access from the outside
1 feeder with direct access from the outside
A hut
4 clamps to hold the rungs to the plastic base
2 plastic bases
The cage has 2 front opening hatches: a large one on the lower level and a small one on the outer level.

Everything is there for the greatest comfort of your rabbit, guinea pig or ferret.

For more explanations on the assembly of the cage, do not hesitate to consult the video present in this sheet.

Colors: taupe and white


Length 100 x width 50 x height 97 cm

Bar thickness: 25.6 mm


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